Side+ Members Chain


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Unfortunately we are not permitted to ship this product to India, Egypt or Pakistan.

An exclusive chain only worn by the members of Side+.

In order to buy this necklace you need to have an active Side+ subscription linked to a Sidemen Clothing account. This can be done by clicking "account" in the top right of the page, then "create account". From here use the exact email linked to your Side+ account when registering to link the accounts.

Once done, head back to this product page and use the "login with Side+ account" button and this will take you to your account overview. Head back here one more time and you will be able to add this to your shopping cart and checkout. 
Please note: New Side+ subscribers can experience waits of up to 7 working days for purchase of the Chain to allow for integration on the Sidemen Clothing website. 


MATERIAL: 100% Stainless Steel